Gutter & Downspout Require Bi-Annual Inspection and Maintenance If Needed

Why Rochester Homeowners Should Have Their Home Gutters & Downspouts Properly Inspected & Maintained

rochester gutter repairWhile they might not be the fanciest parts of your house, gutters and downspouts play a major role in protecting it from external moisture, debris, and pests. Without regular maintenance and acting when a problem arises can result in damage to the foundation of your home, which can be very costly to repair. Taking care of your gutters and downspouts should be a top priority in your home maintenance efforts for Rochester, NY homeowners.

Protection From Clogging

When gutters and downspouts aren’t cleaned at least twice a year, debris and leaves can accumulate, causing the gutters to clog and the downspouts to become damaged as water pools underneath the roof shingles. This inadequate drainage system allows water to infiltrate your home, weakening the walls, rotting the wood, and causing paint to bubble and crack. In the winter, water collecting in the gutters can freeze, resulting in ice dams that can break the gutters, risking further damage and injuries to anyone walking underneath them.

Prevents Pests & Mold Growth

Gutters clogged with dirt and debris attract pests and are appealing areas for bee infestations. Then, as the water builds up and spills over, the soil around your home will take on lots of water, leading to cracks in your home’s foundation, and allowing moisture to seep through and cause mold growth in your basement.

Keeps Costs Down

From compromised foundations to mold growth and pest infestations, the consequences of gutter and downspout neglect are not only inconvenient and unhealthy but also extremely costly. Regular maintenance and inspection by a professional, experienced gutter contractor twice a year will ensure your gutters and downspouts remain in good working order.

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